The safety of our workforce is our primary and foremost concern while execution of works on site. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our workforce by taking all possible precautions during execution of work and providing them with Personal Protective Equipment and requisite safety training.

We plan for safety in advance to identify major accident-prone activities and take requisite preventive measures. Our Health & Safety Management Systems conform to the requirements and guidelines of OHSAS 18001 standard for Occupational Health and Safety.

Safe Working Procedures adopted on Site :
Proper barricading of excavated areas shall be done.
Adequate shoring and strutting of excavated areas to be done before commencing work in the trench or pit.
All scaffoldings shall be checked by our safety officer for stability and adequacy of safety prior to usage on-site.
Proper walkways shall be provided for workers during concreting of slab or column.
Props for shuttering of slab shall be truly vertical and shall be properly braced.
Proper illumination shall be provided for all work after sunset.
All welding work shall be done away from damp areas.
Provision for fire extinguishers shall be made on site wherever welding and gas cutting activities are involved.
Proper housekeeping procedures shall be followed on site to maintain neatness.
Empty cement bags shall be stored properly and all shuttering material shall be stacked in pre-defined areas.
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